In the National Plan for the Prediction and Monitoring of Adverse Meteorological Phenomena, it is considered that maximum gusts of 70km may pose a meteorological risk.

How can we protect the accesses and gaps of private and public spaces so that unwanted situations are not experienced in the face of that pressure exerted by the wind, which could literally tear off a blind?  Persax Extreme system is the perfect option to have our spaces safe and protected.

Extreme is a system that consists of a special plug and guide, which provide extra strength and security to the entire window or door. The system is especially suitable for areas where a plus of security is required due to the high rate of theft or extreme climates, resisting hurricane winds of more than 300 km / h. It is compatible with VS-150 slats, Segur EC-60 and now also with the V-100 and VS-300 slats, making it adapt to all widths of the hole.

The special design of the slats set, plug, and guide assembly generates a union that greatly limits the possibility of exit of the some of the guide, which provides an extra resistance and security to the entire doorassembly. A design fruit of the knowledge and accumulated experience of our technical team that is in continuous research. This allows us to offer the market blinds with excellent performance of resistance to wind and pressure to access the interior of the rooms.

The adaptation with these new slats also comes to responding to the needs of the new commercial, industrial, hotel and private spaces to have products with great resistance capable of covering large gaps. «With the incorporation of these systems tested, certified and with their corresponding CE Markings, we can build roller doors up to 8.0m x 5.5m (width x height)».

In the V100 Extreme system, with a single-wall slick with a flat finish that gives it a careful aesthetic, certified dimensions of 6.10m x 4.10m (width x height) have been achieved with Class 5 *

*According to UNE-EN 13.241

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